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                    The Top  Vintage Tube Amps of the 80"s & Guitars & More
Hello and a warm Welcome to the Vintage Tube Amp & Guitar Lover Fan Page again 

This is a fan site for the greatest Vintage Amps of the 70/80´s like the famous Mesa Boogie Mark One  the legendary JIm Kelley Amp and of course the Dumble Overdrive and the German Kitty Hawk Amps (Inspired my Dumble Amps and the greatest Acoustic Controll Corporation Tube Amps icl. Vintage Guitars of the 80´s like Schecter Gibson and  the Great German Hoyer and Hamer Guitars icl the brand new German High Quality German Special Guitar Custom Shop called De Lago Guitars


                                                                       Do You remember that .. these Pics ?


All Information and old Test Magazin reviews and everything you will get here about the   famouse important Years 1977 1982   

                                               The Good old 70& 80 "s

 De Lago Custom Shop Master Build Guitars mate in Germany

From 1936 to 1985 Germany had one of the Worldwide best Guitar Manufacturers Called HOYER GUITARS . Then in 1980 some Germans named the Roy Brothers started building some legendary Tube Amps based on the Dumble Overdrive called Kitty Hawk Standard and Custom and Junior Mark One Amp .. Then we got the awesome guitar builder Nick Huber with his incredible masterpiece Guitars.  Now Germany has the next generation of historic ART custom shop guitars . The great guitar custom shop  called De LAGO Guitars Germany.  Its like the Howard Dumble Amp back at 1980 under Guitars ... Every guitar is built only by custom order .  Every guitar is one of a kind in sound and build . Its all about high tone quality and custom master build manufacturing . More details and test and videos coming up soon icl Interviews with Tom -Reiner and Bruno soon!!! After the damn Virus is under control and i can fly to De Lago Town of Germany .