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                             De Lago Cutstom Masterbuild Guitars Germany

            The De Lago Dave Chillmour Black Moon Masterbuild Order Prototype 2020 by Me

      Dont start bitching about the Trem. It will be the original Short one ok .Its just a prototype

                          The real Dave Chilmour Black Strat Tribute

Here the Story ....I  own 3 Relic Black Strat..--- the First Model 201o /2012 /2018 Modell and one 2012 NOS Model but i like to have a real copy of this legend guitar becauce the F..... Custom Shop Guitars a be great but actually not historical right and compare to the original a not even close correct .. soooo here I start and comes the Story soon about the real Copy of Dave Chillmours Black Moon Guitar in any detail and videos from the Auktion and the Original and and and how we build the so close we can get  Black Moon Historic Guitar. 

I will show you any detail of the original Black Strat inside and outside compare to the F... Relic Model and how we build the 99 % original copy of this historic guitar icl all Pics and Videos how it rela looks like and how we mate it . Its a 99 % Colse to the original Masterpiece guitar

Based on my 3 orignial Black Strat Dokumentary Books and hold the original Guitar in London at the pink floyd their mortail remains exhebition and at the in my Home Town New York City  USA in my Hands we start trwing build the real one ... in cooperation with one of the greatest Custom Shop Masterbuild Guitar Shop in the World the De Lago Guitar Custom Shop Germany .

Dont get me wrong with the original big F David Gilmour Black Strat NOS or Relic custom shop guitars . There great awesome Main Stream  cutsom shop Guitars .I would say that the first Series from 2008 are be the best and the closest one to the original but still there are actually not well right mate based on the original becuace i miss certain thinks like .. .........

Gilmour uset back in the days a Bigger Kahler trem Bridge so he had to take out some huge block of wood so the kahler Syshem fits . Later he replacest back to the origianl Fender trem systhem so they have to put a piece of wood back in to the boddy . The original F Black Strat Relic Strats dont have that .. they just mark that with cuts so it looks like that. i guess in the main stream Cutsom Shop  production it would be to much work to do that on any GUITAR

                    The Black Moon real tribute Black Moon Guitar with the put out and replaced Part of Wood                                                                             

                                                                       The Original Black Strat Cut out

Also David Gilmour let put in the early 1973 a Gibson P.N.H. Humbucker Pick Up in to his - For that extra Wood have to removed to allow the eccentrically shape Strat middle pick up to reserved . that is a huge part of Gilmours Black Strat sound becauce this big missing part of wood works like a sound chamber what is also missing at the F.. ....Relic Gilmour Black Strat Guitar .

It"s the last huge missing note of Sound to let it Sound original . Of course i let put out any piece of wood like at the original to let the Guitar sound like very close to the original.



                          Open your F........ NOS or Relic Strat  and see what huge part is mising here .              


The original Black Strat . Went actualy to New York City  christies David Gilmour Auktion to get the closest look on that Guitar

The F... david gilmour relic Modell 2018 . I own 3 Relic Black Strat..--- the First Model 201o /2012 /2018 Modell but i like to have a real copy of this legend guitar . Actualy the F Mdoell are be not correct at all .. There are be missing 2 or actually 3 important Parts and the relic job are be not quiet right  . More Infos soon ...