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The Story and the Making of the famouse Chillmours Workmate guitar start right here right in my head when we had so many luck to get some tickets for  2015 and 2016 the Show"s of his last awesome World Tour . The high light was that we got tickets on E Bay for the Show"s in Italy Rom and Pompei..

Basicly its a long story but i will try to keep it short here . ......    i am a huge Pink Floyd and Gilmour Gilmour fan but who cares lol ... So we got tickets for the Show in italy Rom at the awesome Cirkus Maximus for the first show there  .


Here you see the copy mate my the great f...... of Chilmours famouse workmate just mate in the custom shop for the world wide  Pink Floyd exhebition going around the world . in my opinion ist a relay cheese quik mate not right copy . what really pissing me of is the fact that Fans of the great Floyd pay a lot of Money and time to see all the relics of Pink Floyd and the Hsitroy .. but seriosely what they got was some times real Stuff what was awesome to see but when it comes to the Instrumets ... omg . i was realy disaponited ..