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                                      The Acoustic Tube Amp Modell G 60 T 112 from 1980/81

                            The most sold high End Tube Amp from the fab 5 at the 80"s


                                   One great Review from a awesome Germany Vintage Gear Magazin 2011 March                                                                         . c.c. Writer by Mr. Alexander Heimbrecht

                                                                       Thy so much for this awesome Review



The original Test Review from a Germany Music Magazin from 1981 Acoustic G 60 T 112  EV 12 L Amp

                                                                             Acoustic G 60 T original Chematic

The original Bill from 1987 . Still the Owner paied 1000 DM for a Used G 60 T 112 EV  (Street Price new 1790 DM and 380 DM for the used 1x12er cab with EV 12 L Speaker Modell 464 (New Street Priece 640 DM)

                                         And heres the Actually original Amp and his Cab in 2021 in my Collection