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                                         The Acoustic Amp Cabs Serie

To find today a original Acoustic Cab like 1x12er 2x12er 4x12"er ist pretty hard  like you won the Lottery or you Find a Acoustic Modell 165 112 EV HW Tube Amp ....)))))


                                   Here you see the First Part of my oribinal Acoustic Cabs and some of my Amps

                              The original Acoustic 2x12"er Cab Modell 466 with two original Fane Speaker

              One of the super Rare original Acoustic 4x12 Cabs Modell 468 with original 4x12er Fane Speakers

Thast world Wide the heavyest Cab ever . A original Acoustic Modell 468 Cab loadet with 4 Electro Voice 12 L 12 Sparker . Its Sound like mega Awesome Great but its dam heavey .

                         Acoustic Rare Half Stack Modell G 60T 112 EV icl 1x12"er Acoustic Modell 464 EV12L Cab

                      And here the Hell of Hell Sound -The Tattooine Stage Power